the main thing about the complex


How do you imagine the city of tomorrow?

Futurists often described the cities of tomorrow as a depressing place. However, we believe that the cities of tomorrow should become a territory of the balanced union of architecture and nature making people’s lives more joyful and healthy. All vehicles should be moved underground and roads should be replaced with parks for rest and active leisure.


The planning of this complex started from choosing a perfect location. A unique feature of this project is the geographical position of the plot with a total area of 100,000 m2 by the natural streams bending around 12 buildings from all sides, creating natural islands, and running into a lake.

The complex is surrounded by vineyards and apple orchards, creating a fabulous atmosphere that reminds of Italian Tuscany.

The territory
of 100,000 m2
80% of the territory is a park
on the lake


The strategic position of the city is highly important. It is only 25 kilometers from Prague. From the bus stop located right in the residential complex SLÁNSKÝ MLÝN, you get to the Prague metro station called Veleslavin. A bus comes every 15 minutes and it takes 30 minutes to get to the place of destination. Also, there are three supermarkets: Kaufland, Lidl, and Penny. The city has a complete urban infrastructure, including educational institutions and hospitals.

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Apartments with terraces and floor heating

All apartments, from one-room to four-room ones, are designed with glazing that creates a visual effect of life in the nature. All apartments have large landscaped terraces that face the south side illuminating the space inside and revealing breathtaking views of Slanskaya Skala nature reserve and the historic city center. A big advantage of these apartments is also the underfloor heating, which greatly increases the comfort of living and is part of the project standards.

Swimming pool area

Adult and child residents of the complex can spend their free time in the summer months in the 15 meters long, heated swimming pool, which invites relaxation, rest, but also sports.


The residential complex has its own sports area, made up of a playground for football, basketball, and volleyball; areas for playing ping pong; squash courts; as well as an area with sports equipment.


There is a historic, three hundred years building of an old mill that was restored and turned into a cozy restaurant by the lake. The cuisine combines two cultures: Czech and Mediterranean.


A modern kindergarten has been created for the smallest residents of Slansky Mlyn, which is designed to give children warmth and comfort. The garden is designed in the same architectural and ideological style of the whole complex and brings to it the colors of joy and a happy childhood.


A large outdoor play set, located by the lake, is a perfect place for leisure time and development of children.

of 300 m2
16 types of entertainment
365 days
of joy


There is a farm behind the mill where children can take care of animals. This activity is fascinating and riveting, as well as contributing to the children’s development.


There is a playground for adults and children to play chess in the open air!


Today, petanque is one of the most popular outdoor games. She has no age restrictions! Equally exciting game of petanque will be for both children and adults.


A small water cycle, created a reservoir for the accumulation of rainwater improves the individual microclimate of the residential complex.

To account for heating costs, solar panels are placed on the roofs of houses.